Cafe Liwan is a Saudi coffee shop chain that
has very unique concept and very ambitious
expansion plan in the region market and world
wide. This page is for Liwan lovers, and they
want to support to make it more dynamic and

favourite place for the community. Arabic,
Turkish and American Coffee, Cappuccino,
Mochas; 100% Arabica Coffee Beans, Tea,
Frappe, Brownies, Cheesecakes and Cakes,
Sandwiches, Croissant, Muffins and Cookies..

Let's have coffee,

shall we?

For more information, contact us on:


Dareen Mall Gate # 2, Dammam KSA

T: +96613819 5403

Othaim Mall Gate # 3, Dammam KSA

T: +96613819 5308

Al Majdouie Tower, Dammam KSA

T: +96613819 8256

Hyundai Showroom, Dammam KSA

T: +96613819 8257

Mall Of Dhahran Gate # 10, Khubar KSA

T: +96613819 5710

Gosaibi Village, Khubar KSA

T: +96613819 5708

Hassa Mall Hofuf # 8, Hassa KSA

T: +96613819 5909

Othaim Mall Hofuf # 3, Hassa KSA

T: +96613819 5910

Huwailat Mall Gate # 1, Hassa KSA

T: +96613819 5803

Fanateer, Jubail KSA

T: +96613819 5804

Thumamah Road, Riyadh KSA

T: +96656 096 2830